Among the trunks of the towering conifers that make up Gardenwood, it is difficult to conceive of anything taking place beyond the mass that surrounds you. The wood acts as a safehaven, a potential nest, a clearing here and there, a bath of light. It is within these trees that one finds oneself in tune with nature, through the ever changing density of the wood. It is this poetic connection that will inspire the new Institue of Use. There will be a translation of the wood's density in the allocation of the various spaces. 
It is rare to have the opportunity to work with materials as closely as can be done at Llysdinam Field Centre. And it is rarer still to be able to work with a material that lived and grew so near. It is important to me that the connection between timber and tree is made evident: in the workshop the craftsman will be reminded of the wood, in the placement of the uprights they will see the density of the trees, and in the swelling of the roof they will see the canopy above. Form, materials, routes, structure and atmospheres will all be a reflection of the wood. 
Just as vitally, the journey to the workshop should inspire the worker with connections to the trees, and it should begin with the wood. Visitors should wake up immersed in the trees, for to truly appreciate the timber involved in today's work, they need to first appreciate its birth.
The Site
Site Diagrams - From Left to Right - Climate, Contours, Axes
Existing Site Sections
The Concept
Concept Plan
Density of the Structure
The Design
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Section AA'
Section BB'

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